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All About Blackout Curtains Dubai

All About Blackout Curtains Dubai


Let us begin our blog with a discussion of the differences between curtains and drapes. Curtains consist of a single layer of fabric. They filter the light that enters the room; the fabric of Blackout Curtains Dubai has room-darkening qualities.

The fabric is thick enough that light does not flow through it. They completely block the light, creating a gloomy and tranquil ambiance. Curtains are lighter in weight and look than drapes. Drapes consist of more than one cloth layer.

Key Features and Benefits of Blackout Curtains Duba

Benefits of Blackout Curtains Dubai

Drapes are made blackout by adding a visible layer of blackout cloth. The blackout cloth is often dark in color, but Fixit Design now offers light colors as well, like white blackout curtains Dubai.

It gives a wonderful appearance. We have a wide selection of blackout curtains in Dubai with room darkening properties ranging from 90 to 100%. We provide light-colored blackout curtains that can darken your room up to 100%.

Protect your home.

Blackout curtains Dubai, blinds, drapes, and shades help to save energy by blocking sunlight from entering your room. This is how they keep your floor from yellowing and deteriorating. This saves you a great deal of money and time.

Room darkening fabric has improved over time. From polyester curtains to soft cotton curtains, they are getting better by the day. Fixit Design offers a wide variety of blackout curtains to pick from. They will not only make your space seem fashionable and elegant, but will also shield your property from the intense sun rays of the UAE.

Install blackout curtains in spaces where there is more sunlight and you do not want any sunlight, such as your bedroom, media room, or theater.

Although blackout curtains are slightly more expensive than light filtering curtains, their benefits outweigh the cost. Anyway, we’re selling affordable blackout curtains that will last you for years. They help to keep your furniture and accessories from aging prematurely.

Are they available in white?

Typically, people believe that dark-colored Blackout Curtains in Dubai may black out a room. But this isn’t the case. Even light-colored blackout curtains can black out a room.

If you have light-colored room decor and require white or light-colored blackout curtains, come to Fix It Design. We provide an intriguing selection of light-colored blackout curtains to let you decorate your room the way you want.

We have some attractive room-darkening curtains with grommet tops, rod pockets, and various styles and accessories. Contact us to acquire the UAE’s best blinds and curtains at low prices.

Convert your existing curtains into blackout curtains.

You can transform your beloved curtains into Blackout Curtains Dubai simply attaching a room-darkening lining behind them. They are either clipped or hung with a double rod. We have a vast selection of blackout liners in every color.

We also offer some gorgeous white liners that will make your window appear more uniform from the street. We have blackout blinds and drapes that block the light. They work well with smaller windows.

Installation Tips For Blackout Curtains in Dubai

The installation of blackout curtains is the same as that of other curtains and blinds. To create a completely dark room, measure an extra inch of your window to totally cover it. You can also use our wrap-around rods to totally darken the room.


If you don’t know how to install your curtains, phone us and our experienced installers will come to you. They install the curtains at a discounted rate.

Order customized blackout curtains Dubai from One Dubai Carpet to create the style you want. We not only sell curtains online, but also offer curtain installation and mending services. We work just to give our clients the best in the UAE. We give free home delivery of our products throughout the UAE.


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All About Blackout Curtains Dubai